Welcome to Kozy Kritters by Sydney!

kozykritters welcome winnipeg

We are so proud of our daughter Sydney and all that she has accomplished.  All parents would likely agree that raising children comes with a whole set of worries.  Raising a child with special needs comes with a completely different set of worries.  We knew that Sydney would not go through a “typical” childhood that her peers would and that we would have to navigate our way through many unknowns.  Our journey with Sydney through the last 18 years has made us realize that she is not really different but rather unique.  Our hopes and dreams for Sydney are not unlike any other parents.  We want her to be happy, have purpose and live life to the fullest.

Sydney’s passion for pets and babies was evident at an early age.  We, along with her school team, encouraged this and found ways that she could build on her passion eventually leading to her blanket business.  Please know that if you have purchased a “Kozy” for your pet or baby, the fabrics were hand-picked and personalized by Sydney with love!

Greg and Heather Deneka

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